Flooring Design in Madeira Park

When Madeira Park homeowners picture everything they’re going to do in a new home, or to renovate an older home, floor design is a prominent feature.

While furniture and appliances are a lot of fun to choose, the walls and floors of any room set the entire design tone. While the right floor design can make a room, the wrong choices can break it.

At Coast Wide Flood & Fire Restorations Ltd, we’re passionate about flooring. From hardwood to laminate to vinyl, and beyond, whichever is the perfect choice for your build, we’ll figure it out together and install it with the highest level of dedication and craftsmanship.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is a material that not every Madeira Park homeowner thinks of right away, but we can do wonders with it. The most renewable material out there, the trees that cork is harvested from don’t even have to be cut down to produce this floor.

Ideal for basements, bedrooms, dining rooms, family rooms and laundry rooms, cork comes in a wide range of warm, natural colors and can be installed as one flat color or with inlaid patterns.

Hardwood Flooring

A tried-and-true classic. If your home doesn’t come with hardwood flooring, it’s the choice of many homeowners to install it.

Beautiful in bedrooms, dining rooms, and family rooms, hardwood floor can be pale and bright for roomy loft spaces or beach houses, or dark and romantic for cozier family rooms. Try wide barn board flooring for a shabby chic, or country look.

Laminate Flooring

Harwood flooring’s more affordable sibling, laminate flooring designs are simple to install, and available in even more colors and patterns than hardwood, as it is manufactured and not natural.

Popular in Madeira Park for basements, bedrooms, and even kitchens, as floor designers it’s a material we love installing and designing.

Stone Flooring

Residential flooring can be taken to the next level with stone flooring. Create a stately entryway, a grand marble bathroom, or a raw modern kitchen. This flooring is amazing when paired with a heating system so that you’ll never have cold feet again.

Vinyl Flooring

As classic as hardwood and stone, vinyl appeared in the 1920s, and has come a very long way. Now available in planks, vinyl imitation hardwood is a material that will provide you with a hardwood look in a bathroom where there’s a high level of moisture.

Vinyl can be used in any room and is the most affordable material out there. No list of kitchen flooring options or bathroom flooring ideas is complete without vinyl.

Inspired Floor Design Ideas

At Coast Wide Flood & Fire Restorations Ltd, we pride ourselves in working with our clients to create inspired flooring ideas that make their home the belle of the block.

Offering a range of wood flooring types including vinyl, laminate, cork, and more, even if you’re looking for something newer like bamboo hardwood flooring, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you have questions or are ready to get started on your home’s flooring design, give us a call today. Our dedicated team members will be happy to book you a free in-home estimate immediately!