Residential Carpeting in Sechelt

Carpeting is a great addition to any home, and at Coast Wide Flood & Fire Restorations Ltd we’ve been installing carpet for Sechelt homeowners for many years. We love seeing how it can blend with a variety of flooring and really tie a room together.

The options homeowners have now when it comes to flooring and carpet selection is vast! At Coast Wide Flood & Fire Restorations Ltd we make sure to keep up on all the latest design trends and developments so that we can provide our clients with the most variety.

Creativity is important when adding design elements to your home. Whether you have a solid idea in mind or are looking for suggestions, we can get the job done.

Choosing Your Carpet

For many, choosing carpeting does not sound like an exciting activity. But that’s not the case! We’ve changed the minds of hundreds of Sechelt homeowners who in no time started brainstorming throughout the day about the best colors, materials, loop, and pile.

When you’re choosing your residential carpet, consider:

  • The amount of traffic in your chosen room
  • What purpose the room serves
  • If the room is attached to the outdoors

Think of how much use flooring and carpet gets—people walk on it, children play there, often food is being consumed over it—there’s a lot of potential wear and tear involved that you’re going to have to think about before getting to the fun stuff.

Carpet that’s used often or played on should not be a light color or have a high pile. Save that white fluffy carpeting for an accent in the master bedroom.

The place for light carpeting would be a small room, or a dark room. Deep and dramatic colored carpets are more ideal for large dining or living room spaces.

If your sitting room has a patio door, you can’t always guarantee that everyone in your home is going to take off their shoes when they come inside. Think of a welcome mat and that will be similar to the carpet we recommend for that space.

The Purpose of Residential Carpet

When Sechelt business owners purchase carpet, they’re looking for performance, design, and durability. The requirements for residential are not quite the same.

While durability has some importance, residential carpet has more focus on comfort. Your new carpet will provide noise reduction and safety, as well as save you on energy bills due to its insulating quality.

Unless your home’s flooring is old, damaged, and unsalvageable, you are installing carpet for purely aesthetic reasons. Don’t become dedicated to durability and sacrifice that aesthetic quality.

Quality Home Carpet Installation

When you call Coast Wide Flood & Fire Restorations Ltd, you’ll be dealing with a team of dedicated workers who are invested in their industry. We believe that residential carpeting adds a lot to any home.

From modern lofts, to cozy cabins, to stately mansions, there’s a carpet for everyone. It’s just a matter of finding the one that speaks to you. We can help with that.

Get in touch with us today—you’ll be surprised to see the carpeting options we have available!